Russians Love to Maxx Out!

Roll down your window in Moscow right now and you’d hear the howl of one Mr. Elliot, coming all the way from the Motor City to assail the ear buds of our Kremlin-based comrades. See, they don’t give a hoot about who won in Rocky IV or in Red Dawn, and you wanna know why? Those wodka-pounding bears know how to download hard rock muzack! Hey man, these Cold War era nuclear warheads aren’t going to dust themselves, our Russian friends need some tune-age to get motivated to get the work done! And, as we are finding out, them Russians like themselves some MaxXouT. Currently, I have been able to monitor the tracker sites that report total number of downloads, and we are standing at 876 downloads of The Big Push, now freshly out for what, the fifth or sixth day? As I’ve reported before, those Russian torrent sites had The Big Push out and seeding before iTunes was able to post our album. If the next cold war is fought on the band stage, brother, I’m punching my ticket to the Bering Strait. Oh, and check this out from my homie Vlad Putin’s twitter feed:

Vlad taking it to the maxx!

Vlad taking it to the maxx!

And the proof is in the Russian pudding, or millet, or whatever they eat over there:


I play all of the instruments.