Illegal Russian Torrent Site Reviews Our New Album

You guys familiar with We weren’t either, but apparently they’re familiar with our album. In fact, if you wanted to, you can download a Russian bit torrent of our album right now, right here . Which, you know, cool—I don’t think our album was going to be doing gangbusters on the Putin Top 200 anytime soon anyway. But, just think, there’s some Russian guy (or gal) out there, jamming out to Kayfabe or Narcan Atomizer, head-banging their fur hats right off and right into a pot of some steamy fresh borscht.

It probably isn’t fair that I think everyone in Russia looks and sounds just like Zangief or Ivan Drago, but that’s what American popular culture from my childhood told me. So, I imagine a growly voice from a bearded, ‘roided out man half in the bag from some wodka and a little light-headed from wrestling mutated Chernobyl werewolves narrating the following review which we’ve pushed through the google translator:

“Still in the establishment of full-fledged rock band has original, intelligent design. 4-5 people playing together, creating a microcosm, a little universe, where there is space, a collision of polar opinions, development. Van-man-bands and the-man-bands (as in this case), so the potential is most often do not have their grandiose plans sooner or later (and here - right) run into a deficit of ideas. And so it happened at Maxxout. Well, pokorpeli, ponazapisyvali, thought it was steep - on his website even called themselves "the best hard-rock band of the last decade." And that, really? Amateur about kuhonnnogo-level.
The PS Many thanks for the introduction. The enemies need to know in person.”

I think it’s saying it’s a good album but too ambitious maybe? They definitely didn’t like the tagline joke we have on this here website: “the debut Album from MaxXouT the greatest hard rock band in ten years!” I swear, it’s a joke! We know we’re the fourth greatest hard rock band in ten years! And I don’t know what a van-man-band is, but holy shit, I hope I get to be in a van-man-band someday--that sounds bad ass.

I do have to say that last line is a little chilling: “The enemies need to know in person”.  What the hell does that mean? Who is the enemy? Is it us? Should I stop typing now? Is that a knock I hear at the door? 


I play all of the instruments.