Music Video 2: Narcan Atomizer

I wanted to film our next video in an old school Pizza Hut, like with the salad bar, the weird red cups, maybe a pizza pie smashing into someone's face in slow motion, etc., but the lighting would've been too bad. I had some other ideas: abandoned nuclear silo, underground bunker, Elliot Polak's futon--but all of those were too dangerous. Instead, Elliot went out location scouting in signature Elliot Polak style: he traveled to each and every show of Detroit's number one Motely Crue tribute band "Wreking Crue" and examined the venues with the precision of a grain inspector in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Through this meticulous, scientific process (that usually ended with late night trips to Taco Bell's drive-through or to grab doughy Pepperoni Rolls at the dirty gas station by his house), Elliot happened upon the perfect spot: a little slice of heaven in Taylor, MI that calls itself "The All Around Bar".

My God, it was perfect. The owner, Dave, was cool as hell! He let us have run of the place for a good four hours with a staffed bartender, lighting guy and sound guy for their absolutely legit stage. Wildcard Film's Owner and CEO Brett McDonald brought his own lighting rig and had the place lit up like a Christmas tree that could out bench press your scary Uncle Rick (the one with the prison tats). Damecia got her rowdy and gorgeous pin-up girlfriends to buy Detroit out of Aquanet and red lipstick. We had everything we needed to film our own Sunset Strip sleaze rock music video, which is exactly what we did!

We even enlisted this random short order fry cook to be our drummer--and, once he put down his meat clever, we found out the dude had some chops!--sometimes you gotta look death straight in the eye and ask it to be the drummer in your band:

Fast with a cleaver, even faster with a drum stick

Fast with a cleaver, even faster with a drum stick

A big thanks to all who showed up--we had a riot and the video will blow you away! Speaking of which, we're getting close to the release--we'll post on Facebook once we get a concrete date. We're waiting on Hoobastank's drummer to remix and master the single, and for some extra footage to come, but even what we have so far is better than Tawne Kitaen doing the splits on two cadillacs. 


I play all of the instruments.