Next Show: Saturday, May 7th @ Diesel Concerts Detroit

We're set to MaxXouT in the D, and you better come check it out otherwise you're a jabroni. The apocalyptic warriors Elliot and Stosh are on a 5 band bill with 12 Chances, the Johnny Fangers Band, The Night Crew, and Audio Rampage, all supplying music to bludgeon you with. Doors are at 8pm, shots of moonshine from a gas can are at 7pm and in the parking lot. Just knock on the blood red van; the secret knock is the opening drum solo to Hot For Teacher. Diesel is at 33151 23 Mile Road, in historic Chesterfield, MI. Hot damn, we're excited to take it to the stage, and fill your ears with that kindly old thing called the rock and the roll, and what better place than Detroit, our favorite American city. It's our time, everybody! Elliot even bought custom spandex pants from Great Britain for this show!