Buzzed at the Buzzbin - Concert Review

The Buzzbin has a mural of lobster alien mutant spiders in unholy combat--so it is clearly our type of place. It also has $1 Genesees for the performing bands--we should play there every day! We stretched 'er out and played 1:15 to our fans from the Buckeye state. The rewarded us with applause and beer (including a 6 pack parting gift!), the two things we are seeking in this world. Seriously, cool room--they have a whole wing full of pinball machine and classic arcade games; it's like a combination of those arcades you are nostalgic about from your youth plus a bar that specializes in great crafts and drafts. Again, we should play there every day. After the show Eric set a new record on the Metallica pinball machine. His initials aren't what he wrote on there. We opened the windows at the AirBNB because it wasn't us. We found Elliot's mutant ability is to find open pizza places in the small hours of the morning. Better ingredients, better pizza. 


I play all of the instruments.